Credit Card Processors you can use for your Event.


Credit Card Processors you can use for your Event.

UPDATED: August 2018


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ProPay versus versus WePay... how do you choose? 

First, let’s go over some of the basics with credit card processors.  A credit card processor, is a company that takes an amount of money from a credit card.  You might also need a merchant account, this is an account with an institution (typically a bank) where all of the funds are transferred after payment is processed.  Now we can break down the basics of the credit card processors that we work with. 


  1. – Authorize.netAllows you to accept credit card payments and optionally set up a merchant account through a partner.  This company does have a set up fee and a monthly fee on top of transaction fees.  They will partner with most merchant account providers, if you have one established.  They have many options for accepting payments, such as Virtual Point of Sale, Online, Mobile and more. Find more information on pricing 

  2. ProPayProPay  – Propay can be both a credit card processor and your merchant account, if you need both.  This processor has annual fees, a non-profit rate, and even an online only rate if you are just using the service for EventSpot.  They also have many different options for accepting payments online, in-person, over the phone or for mail orders.  Find out more about pricing for small business and for non-profits.

  3. WePayWePay – WePay allows you to deposit funds directly into a bank account after processing payments.  The setup for an account is quick and easy, only asking for a few details now, so you can set up your event.  Just make sure to log back into this account to finish setting the account up and transfer the money from your WePay account to a bank account.  Their payment structure is pretty straight forward and charges only per transaction without any annual or monthly fees.

Now that you know the options available for processing card payments, do you have any advice or tips to share on any of the companies above?