Custom Code Campaigns Not Showing On Campaign Page

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Custom Code Campaigns Not Showing On Campaign Page

Custom code email campaigns do not show on the campaign page - or anywhere! Just found out this problem was identified in FEBRUARY and is still not fixed. This is an unacceptable amount of time to remain unresolved. No one has any updated information except that "it's being worked on". For 7 months??
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Is this using the new toolkit or the stand-alone email marketing product?

custom code email > advanced editor

This was posted in the toolkit forum. DUH.
Working from a phone.

How do you keep track of them then?

Assuming you are asking how I keep track of campaigns - I keep a list in a spreadsheet. To view stats I go to the detail page of one of the few campaings that does show, click on one of the stats links (ie bounces) which brings me to the reports page where I can select another campaign from a drop down menu at the top (view).  The problem witth this is that is only the lastest 5 campaigns show in the drop down.  After that they are gone and I have no idea how to view them.  Any suggesstions?

OUCH... That sounds unusable all together.  I see you have a high tolerance for pain.  Perhaps they could move you back to the legacy system considering the hardship that places you in.


Thanks for sharing this, I was about to upgrade a BIG client to Toolkit, but with this issue I'll stay with the legacy system which is much more reliable in my experience.



I did some experimenting on my own and discovered a "work around" for the issue.  As the first 5 emails I sent did show up on the campaign page I had assumed the problem began after my June 30 email.  However, this week I was told the problem was identified in February.  So, I was puzzled about why the first 5 would show.  As I was new to the process I had been progressing through the screens to the end, then clicking on <previous> to get back to the beginning to double check my work.  After I become comfortable with the process I no longer used <previous> to back up to the beginning.  This is when the email stopped showing up.  Today I created a test campaign, proceeded to the list selection, then clicked <previous> back to the beginning.  That campaign DOES show on the campaign page.  Something must happen during the <previous> process that flags it to display.

Hello @LouAnnG9 , 


Thank you for updating us after testing this out within your account.  I will pass this information along to our engineering team as it seems like it will be helpful to them.  


Thanks again, 

Hello @LouAnnG9 , 


We have been testing this workaround and were wondering if you have the ability to take a video of your computer screen.  If you do we would like to see a video of you creating an email like you normally would, without this workaround and then going back to the Campaigns tab to see it not on the screen.  Then if possible, take another video of your workaround showing how it would then display on the Campaigns tab.  This information will be able to help us to narrow down the cause of the issue.  


If you do not have the ability to video your screen, we can set up a time where we can have someone remote into your computer to watch you perform these steps and we can obtain a video.  If this option works better for you, please let us know so we can work on getting this call set up.  We would ask to get your contact information though, and in order to keep that information private you can update the case in your account with the information.  If you are not familiar with how to do this you can log into your account, Click Help & Tips, then More Help.  Down the left hand side of the screen choose My Support History.  From there click to view your Cases and look for case 12873504.  You can add a comment on the case with contact information and the best times to reach you.  

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Samatha,  I would prefer to set a call in time.  When I click Help & Tips, then More Help I only see a list of phone numbers to call.  There are no links along the left margin.  I tried to paste a print screen here, but it won't paste.  Could we coordinate this via email? 

Hi @LouAnnG9 


You can email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. That will go directly to our team here so we can help you!

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Someone did remote in to my computer and we were able to recreate the problem.  We discovered that my previous "work around" isn't completely correct.  The key is to "SAVE" the camapign BEFORE sending a preview test.

Thanks for letting us know the status, @LouAnnG9 


Does the saving and then sending preview make the campaign show on the campaign page?

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It's only if you send a preview before you "save" it that it will NOT show up.  

If you save first, then send a preview it will show up.

If you don't send a preview at all, it doesn't matter - it will show up.

That's good to know and it's even better that we know what is happening now so we can put a fix in!


Thanks for working with our team on this!


Hi @LouAnnG9 


I'm sorry that you are being affected by this. I took a look at your account and see that you already have a case about this and I have asked that the spcialist who is in charge of your case to reach out to you. They will have the most up to date information that they can share with you. 


Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.