Custom Reporting


Custom Reporting

Hi there-

My organization sends out several different weekly newsletters. Is there a way to get custom reporting for around 10 or so of one of those newsletters? For example, if we send out four different weekly newsletters (one on Lions, one on Sharks, one on Puppies, and one on Kangaroos), is it possible to get custom reporting for all the progression of opens/clicks/other important data for the weekly newsletter on Puppies? Does this make sense? I apologize if I am not making sense.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks!

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Re: Custom Reporting

Hello @KatieP347


At this time we do not have that the of reporting available.  You can vote for the idea here and leave a comment with any ideas or suggestions.  In the meantime you can export out opens and clicks and compile them into Excel or another spreadsheet program to manipulate the data.