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Customer Contact Data Notice link

 I´ve recently sent an email campaign and our target clicked in differents links of de graphic piece we sent but almost a 20% clicked the link "Customer Contact Data Notice" that is at the end below the Unsuscribe link. Only one person unsuscribed. Do you know why this happens? Why people could click this special link that has no especial importance?


Hello @AnibalM7 ,


I think the most likely scenario is, based on those clicks almost all taking place at the exact same time and date, that those contacts' networks / organizations use an anti-malware program that "clicks" links in emails to check them. This can result in false click reports, which our engineers are preparing to rollout a way to mitigate these false clicks


However, since it's also the most clicked link in your email, it's also entirely possible that these contacts were thrown off by our logo in the email, and were being cautious about who was emailing them. Similarly with the Data Notice link, which at the time of this response is the 3rd most clicked link.  If you're concerned about the clicks of these contacts, it may be worth reaching out to them to see if they're aware of any security programs they have that'd be clicking through your emails prior to delivery.

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