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Today, March 1st 2022 I was on hold for 25 minutes with customer service, then put on hold again for another 5 minutes only to be told no one could help me and I was given a website, This site does not exist.  All I am trying to find out is Why I am missing API Weekly Reports for 02/18/22 and 02/25/22.  Does anyone have any idea how I can get this information?

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Hi @SixPointFin ,


Sorry for the longer that usual wait times and getting referred to other groups. I'd like to try and help get on the same page. For some background, to us "API" is typically what's used to refer to the Constant Contact API (application programming interface), which is what developers/programmers use to code integrations into Constant Contact. Given the extreme technicality of these interactions, they are not supported by our regular support team which is why you were given the email address of the Web Services team, which help support developers trying to integrate with us.


I get the sense that you're not asking about creating an integration with Constant Contact and that's where the misunderstanding came from. Can you explain some more about these "API Weekly Reports"? It looks like they might be emails that are created in your account and sent. There haven't been any emails created recently. Are you under a partnership where a parent company pushes these templates into your account, perhaps? If so it might be best to reach out to your contact at the partnership to resolve the issue. Constant Contact is providing the account, but we are not creating the emails that are being sent, so it's hard for us to say why they aren't being created at the moment.