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I'm extremely disappointed with the customer service and the platform right now. All month there's been some error that doesn't allow me to send emails (you know-the main function of this service), and when I reached out to their chat line they said it was a known issue they are "working on" and would update me. But I haven't been updated, and I'm unable to use the software I am paying for... there's no telling when it's coming back. I tried to reach out again today but the chat line and customer support number are listed as closed (it's 11am on a Friday), so this was my only option. I would like a refund for this month and if the service is still down in June, I'll be cancelling my subscription. I need to be able to use emails for my business and my clients, this is unacceptable and a waste of my money. 

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I'm very sorry for all of the trouble. I believe we were able to help you earlier via Instagram. We'll look into your chat case to make sure it was handled correctly. Regarding chat and phones showing as closed, they should have been open during that time. Is that something you saw within the Contact Us tab in your account or elsewhere?