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This seems like it should be easy. You need to allow users to select "border=0" on hyperlinked images. A blue border around a hyperlinked image has been something of a default in several browsers for years. CSS helped to correct this, but I get such borders when my eBlast hits my InBox.

I also find that clicking on an image or a section of my campaign does not always get the edit box. Last night was really irritating. Right click, left click...nothing worked. I tried a  different workie...I tried using a different help.

I called Support (at around 7pm CST) and did an EXCELLENT job! I was irritated and she was so empathetic and wanted to help me. She was really good. She needs a gold star...I would rate her 5 stars.

She could not "fix" your UI, but she helped me with 2-3 small editing features that I just could not figure out. 

I have been using CContact for around 10 years. It seems to me that you guys "updated" your UI around 1-2 years ago?  I think.  It has not worked as well since then. I also think it has something to do with Windows 11...which I hate. My new laptop is Win11 and it seems more difficult to work with CContact now.

Please make sure gets a positive star.

Thank you.

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Hello @WSContact ,


I got your feedback for the agent passed along to their team lead, thank you for providing that.


Regarding your described issue and the one tracked in the case from yesterday, are you finding that this issue occurs in all email programs/apps you have access to, or just one in particular? If the issue is only occurring in one particular email program/app, are you finding any settings in that email program that would affect how images are handled, or that might specifically highlight images with links?


If you're encountering particular issues while using the editor, does it occur with brand new campaigns, or only campaigns you've regularly copied from other prior copied campaigns? Does this issue occur on other devices you have access to, or other networks?

William A
Community & Social Media Support