Customer Support Survey


Customer Support Survey

Is it possible to export all data entered for the records? When exporting, it only exports name, date registered, payment status and email. I need phone numbers also. Please advise.

Re: Customer Support Survey

Hello @4-HJ


It looks like you are using Event Promotion & Registration campaigns within your account. To export out all of the information about registrants, you can go to the Event Dashboard and click the Reporting Tab.  From there, you will want to click the blue button to "Export Report."  You can then choose a Full Report or a Custom Report.  The Full report exports all details that your registrants enter into the form, while a Custom Report allows you to choose what information to export. Once the report is exported you will see a link to download the file. Take a look below for what this will look like within your account, or take a look here for steps. 



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