Customizing Sign Up Lightbox


I want to customize the pop-up that was added to our website when using the Wordpress Sign Up form. I have a lot of questions.


  1. First off, how do I make it so that the pop-up sign up form only appears on very specific subdomains of the website?
  2. Can I customize the pop-up sign up form further than what is available in the sign up form designer? I want to add a custom image as the background; is that possible?
  3. Can I change the font displayed on the sign up form?



Hello @JasonG714 ,


  1. You can add the form to a specific page via the integration's settings page, but to my knowledge it isn't attachable to specific domains.
  2. Any customization available for it will be available in its settings.
  3. This element is pulled from your site's themes.

If you have further questions or need further assistance, I'd advise calling our general support and requesting a transfer to our Tier 2 integrations team for further assistance regarding your Wordpress forms.

William A
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