DESPERATE! Error: Only 1 of same email for each contact


DESPERATE! Error: Only 1 of same email for each contact

Undergoing a major contact cleanup which started with a mass export so I had my original list saved. 


Then, back in Constant Contact, I, apparently mistakenly,  thought there was a place for three DIFFERENT email addresses to be associated with a contact (work, home, other); therefore, I added a "fake" email to a large group of contacts in the 'other' or 'home' category so when I exported the list again, I could easily spot a contact that needed special attention by seeing a goofy email address in that particular Excel column. 

Unfortunately, although three columns displayed on the second export (work, home and other) only ONE email address (the fake one) populated in the appropriate column and the other columns were blank (the 'real' email address did not display).

Since I had the real email address from the initial export, I tried to go back into CC and EDIT the fake email address out, by putting the real email address back in, but I keep getting an error message to the effect, "You can only have 1 of the same email for each contact" and therefore wouldn't allow me to add it. 


Out of frustration, I deleted the whole contact and started over, but the contact came back on as "UNSUBCRIBED", but they haven't unsubscribed!  😕


This same scenario will apply to a very large number of my contacts, so I'm at a standstill so that I don't unsubscribe them all ... HELP!!


Hi @MindyK523,


We do apologize for any frustrations with managing your contacts. In September 2016, we removed the ability to add or create new contacts with multiple email addresses, and subsequently all existing contacts with multiple email addresses were split into multiple contact records.

In addition, deleting a contact from your account enables you to add him/her back in at any time:


Whereas, Unsubscribing a contact permanently removes him from your account and changes his permission status. He cannot be added back into your account unless he re-subscribes through a sign-up tool:



If you'd like to send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your Username, a reference to this post, and the original exported file of contacts we can help you get them added and/or re-subscribed to your account again.


Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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