Daily Deals Banner


Daily Deals Banner

The daily deals banner blocks the ability for our team to "go back" to the home page or use any top navigation tools. It's incredibly annoying that it dominates the entire top portion of our browser (using Safari). We love using Constant Contact, but this is quite frustrating.
Marketing Advisor

Dear AndyK85,

I am sorry for the frustration.  I am wondering if the ‘Daily Deals’ banner you are talking about is a plug in or a third party application.  Can you try using a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox and see if you still get that “Daily Deals’ banner.    You can also try using Safari in Private Browsing.  To do this, follow these instructions:



 If you have Yosemite or higher, click here. Otherwise:

  1. Click on the Safari menu, then choose Private Browsing.

    Turn on Private Browsing in Safari
  2. Select OK when prompted with Do you want to turn on Private Browsing?
  3. You are now Private Browsing and can tell by the word "Private" in the right hand corner of the address bar.
Private in address bar

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 I hope that helps!