Daily Deals banner hides top navigation


Daily Deals banner hides top navigation

Hello, I'm using Safari on a MC Pro laptop (OSX 10.9.5) and I can't see any of the navigation bar choices because it is hidden by the Daily Deals. Sometimes, on other pages I can see the nav bar for a moment, but then it changes back to daily deals. I can click on a little bit of the top bar to get the page to change, and have become good at guessing what that button will do -- but it took a while to figure out. Just thought you should know.

Hello @PaulaH262


Thanks for letting us know about this. Constant Contact does not have any daily deals banner as part of our website. It sounds like this may be an extension or add-on within your browser that is interfering with the work in your account. Since you mentioned you are using Safari, you can use a private window to check to see if the banner goes away. To open a Private window you should be able to use Command + Shift + N or choose File>New Private Window from your top navigation bar.  Please note there are some extensions/add-ons that are enabled in Private mode. 


You can always check within Preferences to see what is installed on your browser.  To check you will want to go to Preferences in the Safari Menu and then choose Extensions.  You will see a list of what is installed here. I would recommend checking for something called Daily Deals or Coupons. If you cannot find the extension based off of the name, you can turn them off one by one to find the one that has the banner. 


If you have any further questions, please let us know.