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Please give me the specific definitions for the following terms as presented in the "Review/Response" of our email newsletter send? Also what are the criteria which needs to be present to be slotted to each category? Thank you 1. Open Rate 2. Click Rate 3. Bounce Rate
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Hello @KerryK225 ,


When you have the chance, I'd recommend going through our overview article on Email Reporting, also available via the Help tab in your account's top navigation bar. For those particular reporting metrics, their definitions and related articles with further info are:

  • Opened - See the contacts who we can verify opened your email
  • Clicked - See the contacts who clicked links in your email, and which links they clicked. 
  • Bounced - When we get a bounce message back from a contact's email address, we record it and categorize the reason for the bounce. Take a look at the email addresses that bounced and either try to resolve the issue or delete these contacts from your account completely.

William A
Community & Social Media Support