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I deleted a list and indicated to delete the contacts too. Now the list is gone but the thousands of contacts remain even though they are not on any list. I need them deleted.

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Hello @Andy2019 ,


As the messaging will explicitly say when selecting the "Delete the lists and contacts" option, contacts in other lists not selected for deletion won't be deleted. 




One potential way to easily round up these now free-floating contacts would be to go back to an email's report. You'd want the reporting page of one of the emails that you explicitly sent to just the list(s) deleted, and select-all the contacts in the sent report for deletion.


For more info on managing lists (including deleting)


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Yes I read the description. None of the contacts are included on other lists, which is why I asked about it. The situation resolved itself - after about 45 minutes the number of total contacts changed to reflect the deletions. It showed as completed in the list of Activities but apparently needed more time to be shown accurately.