Deleting Lists really means deleting clients

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Deleting Lists really means deleting clients

Well you have done it again. As a customer since 2004 I have seen my fair share of changes to Constant Contact's Contact management. From driving school districts crazy with the elimination of duplicates, to the horrid debacle of August 2013. You are constantly (pun intended) removing key features or dumbing down your product so that the dolts of the world might be able to use it at the expense of those who use it at a higher level of sophistication. So now your latest "new and improved feature" is to automatically delete contacts when deleting a list. We used to have the option to just delete a list or delete a list and its contacts. Why on earth would you take away the option of deleting a list without deleting contacts. Please bring back the option to delete a list without deleting its contacts. Sheese, who dreams up these improvements? Thanks for listening.

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Re: Deleting Lists really means deleting clients

Hello @DaveR7,


Welcome back to the Community! Thank you very much for that feedback! I do apologize that the recent change to the Contact Management system isn't helpful to you and your business. I will be tracking your feedback and sending it on over to our developers immediately. Thank you for being such a loyal customer, your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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