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I work for a large, international association. We are interested in collecting information on the ethnicities of our members and leaders in order to help us better serve underserved communities. We are trying to devise a survey where chapter leaders can fill out the number of members their chapter has per demographic group, ie African American women, African American men, Hispanic women, Hispanic men. etc., for various age groups.


I'm not finding that Constant Contact has a template that would work for us. I'm looking for a survey that would allow our chapter leaders to say for Men 18-25, we have 3 African Americans, 4 Hispanics, etc. The committee that devised this survey envisioned it as a fairly simple one, but converting it to an actual survey app is really complicated, I'm finding. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for how to go about this?


Hey there @Optimist !


While we don't currently have a specific template for collecting demographics, our survey product is very customizable in terms of the types of questions you can choose from, in addition to formatting the questions to your unique needs.


I took a peek at the survey you've already started and I have to admit, it's incredibly impressive! I think you and your team is definitely on the right track already of what you're looking to ultimately achieve.

One piece of advise would be to incorporate page breaks after every set of questions. Due to the amount of questions, i'd also recommend using the survey's greeting page to your advantage! You can use your survey's Greeting Page to tell respondents about how much time they'll need to set aside. We have some more great tips on Ideal Survey Length that you can find here.


Other than that, I truly think you and your team are on the right path and using our survey tool to its full potential. Was there any type of question you were looking to ask that you weren't sure how to go about? If so, please respond back to this post. We're more than happy to help you in the process of creating this unique survey!

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Thank you. I will incorporate your suggestions on page breaks and length of time to complete. I am planning to use skip logic so that people don't need to go through each category unless they have members of that demographic to report to us, so that should streamline things as well..