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We can't seem to get a detailed invoice just for the previous month.  It doesn't matter what or how we select it to display, last 7 days or by date range, it always gives us at least 2 months past.  We need a detailed invoice for our fiscal department just for the previous month.  Seems as though your set up for getting detailed invoices has changed and is not as user friendly as in the past.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Hello @ValeriaW4 ,


Thank you for the info. This seems to be a more recent issue that our engineers are still investigating and collecting information on. I've marked your account as affected, and submitted it to them for further review. If and when they have an update on the issue, they'll notify you directly.


In the meantime, the Print option is showing me a full invoice for your latest payment. Are you able to generate your invoice from that, and download, print, or screencap it? If not, then I'd advise speaking directly with our Billing team so they can assist in generating and sending a custom invoice until the issue is resolved.

William A
Community & Social Media Support