Did you think we would hate you changing it?


Did you think we would hate you changing it?

Yes I hate you people now your going to get rid of my eamils that are more than two years old I hate you.
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Where did you hear this?


I'm part of the Solution Provider program and handle multi accounts and have not been notified of this.



CTCT  True?   

Hello @SusanM69 & @Clique_Marketing


Within accounts, we are not moving over any campaigns that are over 3 years old in an effort to help clean up accounts that have many older emails.  Any emails that were created after March 2013 will not automatically be placed into the upgraded experience.  There is a way to get these emails within your account though, all you have to do is Copy the email(s) that you wish to keep. This will create a new draft within your account that will have a more recent date, and therefore will be pulled into the newer account. 


If you have any questions about this, please let us know. 

"upgraded experience" . Pretty funny stuff.

So I guess I missed that announcement or were you just going to do that without telling anyone?

Not sure it's such a big deal to my particular clients but deleting customer data without informing them is pretty bad.
You do realize that I hope.
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My nonprofit is on the old, or one of the old, releases.  How many different versions are in production, anyway?


I've read that CTCT has a goal of moving all older accounts to the most recent system by the end of the year.  Does that apply to our account, or is all this about an entirely different kind of CTCT system that we aren't subscribed to?


Forgive my confusion; your documentation leaves a little to be desired.


Let me know, please.  We have a ten-year history in our account, and I've been trying to prepare our E.D. (who designs and sends our e-newsletters, but who doesn't read these forums) for changes that are on the way.  If I need to make copies of everything going back to 2006, I'll have to get on that.



I hope I can help to clear some things up here.  


@Clique_Marketing - We are migrating accounts in batches, and are notifying customers before the upgrade happens.  As a solution provider you should have received a communication not that long ago.  If you have not received that email, much of the information is listed here on this blog post. If you are listed as the contact email on the accounts that you manage, you will also receive the communication about the change shortly before the account is updated. 


@mchristo - We currently have two different versions of accounts. We are moving all of our customers to the newer version between now and the end of the year. If you wish to keep all of the emails that you used prior to March 2013, then you can start copying them within the account. I might suggest utilizing folders to help sort some of these emails (i.e. Emails from 2006, Emails from 2007). This might help with organizing the emails and not having these drafts clutter up your views as they will all show as new draft emails. 



If anyone has any questions about this, I am happy to answer them or track down answers for you.  We know that change can be hard, and we want to help as much as we can throughout this process. 

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You might want to point out to customers that copying the old campaigns to retain them as drafts won't save their performance data along with the copies.  If we want to keep records on Sents, Opens, Clicks, etc, we'll need to do a little more work.


If we can file old emails away in custom folders already, why do they need to be removed to help us stay organized, as the blog describes it?  Is there another reason?




Hello @mchristo


Thank you for pointing that out @mchristo. You are correct; you will need to export the reporting from the campaign before we switch over to the new user experience. We will not bring over any reporting from campaigns older then March 2013.


There was not particular reason we chose the March 2013 date. It was 3 years from when we started migrating accounts over in March 2016.

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I don't question the date.  I question the reason for removing the older emails at all.  Helping us stay organized doesn't sound like an important enough reason to me.  So I thought there might be something else.  Is there?



Hello @mchristo


Sorry for the delay in our response. I wanted to get an answer for you in regards to this question  There have been some technology changes that have occurred on our system over the years that did play a factor in this decision. We have also seen that emails older than 3 years are typically not used by the majority of our customers. Both of these things went into the decision around the emails that would carry over into the updated experience. If you have campaigns and reporting that you wish to carry over into the new account, we are happy to discuss the options with you. In order to maintain security around your account, we would like to take that conversation offline so that no private information is shared in this public space. Please let us know if you want to talk with us further about this by emailing us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, your account username, and the best way to contact you either via email or phone. Please include the best times to reach you if you prefer a phone call.


If there are any other questions, please let us know.