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We are a non-profit with close to 5,000 contacts.

Each month we send out a Newsletter, two (different) meeting announcements, and a Job post email - all to the same (one) list.


Most contacts are okay with getting the first three mentioned above, but many are business leaders and the job postings are not relevant to them.


How can I ensure that if someone unsubscribes to Job postings, that they are not unsubscribed from everything?




Hello @DrDonM4 ,


Unsubscribing is a legal and Compliance-related process that makes it so your account can't email those contacts. So if a contact unsubscribes from you, they'd be unsubscribing from all emails. In all honesty, it'd be best to have contacts that aren't business leaders in a separate list, so you can send the job listing to that specific list. If you have a tag or some kind of common contact field among those who are or aren't business leaders, you can make a segment to separate them out, and then add the non-business leaders to a new list


Additionally, once you have a separate list created for job opportunity emails, you can setup your Update Profile form so that your Meeting Announcement list and Job Opportunity list are available as options. Having these separate lists as options in your UP form will also show them as alternatives to wholly unsubscribing from you, on the final unsubscription confirmation page if a contact clicks the link.

William A
Community & Social Media Support