Differentiating within a list based on a status column -- Is this doable?

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Differentiating within a list based on a status column -- Is this doable?

I have imported my complete list of customers.  Some of these customers are active (or still enrolled) and some of these are not active.  There is a (custom) field called "Status" that allows me to differentiate between these two groups.  I would like to use this same list to send two different communications as under:


1) Newsletter to my current customers 

2) Come back to us for not current customers


I DO NOT want to upload two separate lists and manage these lists outside of Constant Contact.  I do not think that Constant Contact allows you to differentiate between customers based on a field and that this has to be done outside (in a database or in an excel).  Can you suggest a creative way to get this functionality working?



P.S. -- I had called helpdesk and they had tried to use Tags to get this functionality working -- but the tags had to be manually set - they could not be set based on the Status Field.


Hello @SohilP0


In order to differentiate your lists within your account and be able to send out the two different campaigns, these contacts would need to be added to separate lists or tags. What you could do to tag the contacts within your account, is to upload your list with the Status column, and label this as tags during the import. This way, your contacts will be added as Active or Inactive. In order to do this, the labels that you use as the Status will need to be in the account first. Here's some information on that


You could also use the Advanced Search within your account to search for contacts with the specific status. You could then select the contacts and add tags to them from your search results. 


Please let us know if you have any questions.