Difficulty with Constant Contact

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Difficulty with Constant Contact


I am a new user in Constant Contact.

I now you have never said this, but I cannot figure out anything. Anything! I did add contacts and make an email. I sent the email to my contacts. I am not totally stupid.


I am entering this, at least I think I am. I expect someone will email me that at least you have received my question. I did enter a real question and have no feedback that anyone had received it. Not that I got the solution, just that I correctly entered the question. I should get a response immediately. So, my assumption is that I did not enter my question or you are too stupid to make some sort of response. I don't think you are too stupid so I must have did it wrong.


I have done some auto-emailing and eventually got it to work. I called about a dozen times. Finally success. The auto mail sends a mail to the contact when they sign up automatically. Perhaps you could show me how to read your examples, or documentation. So now I am waiting for a response from you. I hope I see you soon. I am not making money because of this. Obviously I will not wait very long.


Hello @LarryV375 ,


Could you please elaborate a bit on what you mean by: "Perhaps you could show me how to read your examples, or documentation"? Are you wanting some articles on setting up automation series, and creating welcome emails vs other series types, as well as info on expatriation alerts?


Here's some articles that might be able to assist you:

Automation Overview

Automation Series Types

Automation Tips

If this isn't what you're referring to, would you be able to reply with a bit more elaboration? That way we can make sure to help you get started with using our system.

William D
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Join the club! The help on Constant Contact is erratic and the system not user-friendly. My developer recommended against CC, BUT I chose it because the competition does not give help at all and is even less user-friendly. Some helpers on CC are not knowledgeable, most just send you boilerplate answers clipped from the website, barely reading your question, some are good ... Keep trying and call (the chat is mostly boilerplate and in my opinion a waste of time), try the various help numbers, they do not seem to reach the same place. At some stage you might get lucky.