Disable social media

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Hello, I just posted a campaign and was very clear and specific that I could NOT use any social media outlets. I was very careful not to add any facebook, twitter, linked or any other social media accounts. I wanted to use the "view as webmail" feature. However, when I went live, and clicked on the browser, there was a banner from Constant Contact with clickable links to share on FB and twitter (again, clear I could not use any social media because I am running a campaign and the rules said NO SOCIAL MEDIA). I am now afraid I will be disqualified. Why would constant contact not warn me about this or give me the ability to disable? Where is the information to disable social media anyway???

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Hello @CandiA6. I see you called our support team this morning. The share bar located at the top of the webpage version of campaigns cannot be removed. We've noted this feedback on your account.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager