I have been a CC customer for many years. And over the last few years you continue to charge more and offer less customer service. It is Saturday, September 23 at 10:45am in Phoenix and I have questions. It appears that you are no longer providing weekend support! How sad that you have gotten so big that you keep changing how my service works - specifically the service that I have paid for - and is no longer user friendly or efficient. That would be Archive. And, now, because it is Saturday I cannot reach a customer service representative to answer a question. Not even a chat!


Sandy Rogers





Hi @Sandy4Help,


I'm very sorry that was your experience this weekend. Here is a link to our Help Center, which will show you all our available methods of receiving help here from us. We also have many very helpful articles in our Knowledge Base.


We do have a limited amount of support on Twitter and Facebook on weekends. Here, also is a link to our Knowledge and Support Community forum, which will get you help quicker than our Feedback forum!


Please let us know if there is a specific question we can answer about our Archive feature. We are happy to help!


Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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