Do Not Sell My Info - Update My Profile - Does Constant Contact Have any appreciation of privacy?

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Do Not Sell My Info - Update My Profile - Does Constant Contact Have any appreciation of privacy?

Constant Contact has a link at the end of the e-mail above the Constant Contact logo that says - update my profile - as in people who get the e-mail get this option.
I could not delete that.
It says in there something in there about Do Not Sell My Info, implying that the information - my contacts/my contact list will be sold.

This is unacceptable, as I am paying a monthly fee and I expect as part of that to not be the product, and shows poor appreciation by Constant Contact of privacy of their customer's clients.

Additionally, now you got me complaining, I am not appreciating Constant Contact forcing me to advertise Constant Contact to my clients.   It appears the logo got bigger over the years. There should be option to delete the Constant Contact logo and all reference to Constant Contact.


Hi @GrantM70. I'll address your concerns in a few paragraphs to keep things organized.


The "update my profile" link allows contacts to edit their information so you have the most up to date email address. This is useful for contacts who change emails or maybe want to receive your emails at a different address. It also lets them choose what types of emails they want to receive. You can remove the Update Profile link from emails through the My Account tab.


The "Do Not Sell My Info" link is in response to the California Consumer Privacy Act and applies to businesses that are doing business in California. The link lets contacts know how their information is being used and provides transparency for you, who is using our product. For further questions about the CCPA and how we comply with any privacy laws, you can email privacy(at)constantcontact(dot)com


As a courtesy, we will remove the Constant Contact logo from your emails.

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