Do the developers ever use CC in real life?

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Do the developers ever use CC in real life?

I have to think that the CC developers never really use it, nor have their jobs depend on it functioning correctly for those who actually use it. as long as it works in-house, they're fine.


Try tabbing (using the Tab key) through fields like in a normal program.  It's miserable.

Try finding getting a report that shows the last time each person in a set of contacts (a list, or a tag) opened an email.

Try figuring out which folder your images are in - without clicking on each individual image.

Try seeing when the last time, if ever, an image was used - without clicking on each individual image.

Try working without having annoying popups happen.

Try adding contacts when more than one column has a CC-assigned label - fields fall off the bottom of the screen, scroll bars are somewhere in the next universe, and such.


Now, don't get me too wrong - CC has a lot going for it, and improvements are sometimes disruptive before they become normal. I work for a software company and am well aware that our in-house testing doesn't always replicate real-world usage.  But... we are happy to find out what isn't working for our customers and fix it.


Re: Do the developers ever use CC in real life?

Hello @Anonymous. I do want to apologize for any trouble you have experienced while using our product. I would like to address a few of the issues that you mention.


You said that you were seeing some popups in your account. What kind of popups were you seeing and were you seeing them on certain pages? Constant Contact does have a few of our own popups but they only show up in certain places in the account. 


Also, I saw that you would like to be able to see what folder an image is in and when an image was last used without having to click on each individual image. This is great feedback and I have submitted this to our product team. I also submitted feedback for the request to be able to download better information about your contacts and when they have last opened an email.


When you are uploading contacts, you mention that fields were falling to the bottom of the screen and you couldn't find a scroll bar. I think this may be a browser issue as I am not able to replicate it in your account. Does this happen when you are using a different browser? Also, if you could provide us with a screenshot of what you are experiencing, we'd be able to troubleshoot some more. 


When you are using Tab, were you using it while entering contacts or while you were working somewhere else in the account? I would like to get more information on this so we can look into it.


I want to thank you for all this feedback that you have given us. We take your feedback seriously and appreciate you using our product. 

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: Do the developers ever use CC in real life?

Hi Caitlin - So, at least one thing I like about the New Experience, as related to the issue with duplicated field names and scroll bars.  The arrow at the right of the screen is now big and bold enough that it can easily be seen, so the missing-ish scroll bars are no longer an issue.  YAY! THANKS!


Popups - well, after about the fifth time of saying no I don't want to see the video, it would be nice if that would go away....  It probably has, but just in case it hasn't, a counter or a true "Don't show me this ever again" would be very much appreciated by a lot of us.
Also, even though I create on one of CC's mobile-friendly templates, and I don't change anything style-wise, the next time I go in to copy the same email and use it with, say, different promo dates or something, it tells me the template isn't mobile-friendly. That's a bit annoying.


I know y'all are going to be under the gun for the next few days/weeks as this thing rolls out, and I'm sure lots of tweaks will be happening.  Hang in there.

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