Does the double opt-in setting work for emails added manually?


Does the double opt-in setting work for emails added manually?

If you turn on double opt-in in settings, do user emails that get added manually still receive the email to confirm they want to sign up? The how-to article seemed to indicate that they only receive it if they sign up for the newsletter via CC's Join My List app.




Hi @RuthB36

Thanks for bringing your question to the community! You are correct that our Confirmed Opt-In (COI) email will only go out to a customer when they sign up themselves. Contacts added by you are not sent any kind of request to confirm their subscription. If you would like to confirm your contacts' subscriptions, you can send them a COI email (created when you enable COI for the first time), but this is not recommended except in extreme circumstance. This is because you cannot email anyone who is awaiting confirmation from a COI email. For more information about COI and permission in general, please contact our account review and deliverability department at 866-433-8499.


Nate M. 
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