Don't start my free trial when your product doesn't work


Don't start my free trial when your product doesn't work

As I was scheduling my campaign, I saw your note that I could schedule a social post once I completed scheduling my campaign. The notice said look for the schedule the social post button - which never appeared. I unscheduled and rescheduled 4 times to try to figure this out. I gave up. Fine. I'll try out your 90 day Social Share service. I click that and it doesn't work but it does start the day countdown so now I have 89 days. Really? What's the pricing for this? Can't find that either. As a client since 2007, I'm really not impressed. I'm sending out a completely different type of campaign this time such that I really DID want to post to social media and now I can't. What's your timeframe on getting this fixed? Make sure you restart my trial clock too. Thanks. 


Hi @PatriciaP0


Thank you for posting in the Community! I'm sorry for any frustration caused by the different Social Share and Social Posts options, and I'd like to try and help. Social Share is a tool that allows for someone to share their email campaign to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. The option should appear on the page immediately after scheduling your campaign. You may have to scroll down, but it looks like the image below.SS.pngThe other option is a new feature called "Social Posts." Social Posts is different from Social Share in that it allows you to craft and create drafts for posts on a handful of different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest) but these posts do not have to be tied to the campaign that you are sending from your account. If you are managing the social channels for your business and don't have time to go into each one and make regular updates then Social Posts will allow you to pre-schedule and format those posts. With this feature you'll save time, and stay connected with your fans and followers, directly from your Constant Contact account. The cost is an additional $10 per month for Social Posts if you decide to proceed with using that. I apologize that we cannot reset the trial once it has been started. If all you're trying to do is share your campaign on social media, then Social Share is the right option for you. I took a look at your account and I saw the Social Share option, but I know you mentioned that it couldn't be found before. What browser were you working in when that happened? If it happens again can you please try a different browser (or private/incognito mode) and let us know if that helps? We want to make sure you can schedule your campaigns, so, please let us know if you encounter any other difficulties with that tool. Thank you!





Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager