Download a pdf to email


Download a pdf to email

Hello, I am trying to download a 3 page pdf into an email and it's only showing the first page. Does this site not allow for longer than one page? Thanks.

Hi JosephineD98!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your question. When you upload a PDF to your Constant Contact library we turn just the first page into an image. You can Take a Screen Capture and Use it as an Image in an Email for your second and third pages, but you may want to  Avoid Image-Only Emails.


When an image is the only source of text in your email, you can run into problems that decrease your deliverability and open rates:

  • Image-only emails are often associated with, and are used by spammers.
  • Image-only emails generate high spam complaints, have high bounce rates, and have a negative impact on open rates.
  • Email clients often block image-only emails as a first line of defense against spam. The second line of defense is to route image-only emails directly to the junk or spam folder.
  • If you manage to get into the inbox, recipients who prefer text-only emails, or who are unable to display images in their email client, or on their mobile device, won't see any of your information beyond your subject line.
  • Mobile devices resize images to fit smaller screens, which can result in tiny, unreadable text.
  • Saving a PDF as an image can result in a large image file-size or image dimensions. Images can end up compressed and appear grainy, with blurry or unreadable text.
  • Screen readers for the blind and visually impaired aren't able to decipher text included in an image.

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