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Download contacts to make changes - records jumbled

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Download contacts to make changes - records jumbled

I have downloaded a file of contacts from CC. When opening the file in Excel, there are many instances where fields have shifted to the right. Email address ended up in Phone Number. Every other field to the right of Phone Number has also shifted to the right.


My original intent was to update some of the records and reimport to my CC contact files. But, if do, many of the fields will end up in the wrong place.


Is there a workaround to get the comma delimited file (CSV) to play nice?


Is it practical or even recommended to download, fix, and upload contact files?


Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Neil.


Thank you so much for posting in the community. I'm so sorry that your exports are coming back jumbled or shifted...

I see that you contacted our chat department today about this issue. I will reply to you through that case in detail about what's going on with this. 


Thank you for bearing with us. 

Melissa M
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Melissa, I am also having trouble with jumbled records. It appears that users are inserting special characters within fields (like an enter or line break) which causes the data to freak out when it is exported to the excel or CSv file.


Have you found a solution to this that you can share?




Roger Stephenson

Hello @Dormilona , 


The best solution to this issue is to narrow down which contact(s) are causing the information to appear jumbled, then fix the information under the Contacts tab.  If there are just a few contacts you can update each contact manually.  If you have multiple contacts to update you can put them into a file and have a column for each field that needs to be update (for example, it they added extra characters or space after their First Name, have a First Name Column next to their email address, and any other fields that need updating).  In this file add in the information without the extra characters or spaces.  You can then choose to Add Contacts > From a file.  After going through the steps to choose your file and label the data, on the screen to select a list you can check off that you are updating contacts, then hit import.  This should correct the contacts information that was in your file.