Downloadable e-book


Downloadable e-book

Hi, newbie here. 

Iam setting up an opt-in form on my website. Iam going to offer a downloadable e-book as a reward for signing up. I need to know how can I get them the free book. Do I have to set up a dedicated page for this purpose only? Can you help? 

Can you provide me with step by step instructions. Thank you . 


J. Cerva


Hello @JOSEC897 


Thank you for posting! That is a great question. The best way to get people signed up for your e-book is once you have the form setup on your website, have those email contacts placed onto a separate email list so you know who exactly you're sending this e-book to. You will then be able to send out an email to these people with a link to the downloadable content. 


Now you can certainly try to upload your e-book to your Constant Contact library if it's in a PDF or Word format, but the file size will need to be 5MB or less. If your file is over this size, you can try to compress it through a Third-Party website of your choosing. If you can get this file uploaded to your library we will provide you with a link for your readers to click on and save your e-book to their own devices. 


You can follow instructions on how to insert a document link here: Insert a Document into a Campaign Email


Let us know if you have any additional questions. 




Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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