Editing the Welcome Email

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Editing the Welcome Email

UPDATED: July 2018



Whenever someone signs up for your mailing list, they get an email welcoming them to your list. They'll get this email whether they sign up via the website signup forms, an EventSpot registration, a Social Campaigns sign up, the Facebook Join My List app, or virtually any method where you are not adding them through the Contacts tab.


Obviously, you'll want to make sure that your welcome email says what you want it to say. We provide you with some boilerplate text and a basic color scheme, but you can edit what it says and how it looks. It is easy to change things around.


Start by going to your Campaigns tab and clicking on Campaign Type on the left hand side. Then scroll down Automation and select Welcome Email. You then want to click More to the right of your Welcome Email and  choose the Edit button in the drop down.




That will bring up a messaging letting you know you'll first have to deactivate your campaign in order to edit it.




Once you click Edit, your email will open where you can make edits. This is where you can insert your logochange the colors to match your branding, customize the messaging in the body of the email, then click Continue to reactivate the email.


This next page is the the most important. You will need to make sure the correct lists are selected to receive this email, and that the header and footer content is still correct. Once you are finished, you will click Activate in the top right hand corner. Pressing this button will push your welcome email changes out.




We set the process up this way to ensure that if someone subscribed while you were editing the welcome email, they wouldn't get a Frankenstein's monster email that is only half edited. This way, the changes aren't active until you tell it to change.


I've seen some great welcome emails that have come from our customers. We would love to see the welcome emails that you have come up with. Please post them below.

Jeff Gilson
Community & Social Media Support

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