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Hello, This question is more out of curiosity but why is it when I edit particular emails the look of the editor is not consistent. There's a distinct different in look and feel depending on what email I copy and edit.
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Hello @MazzellaMarketing ,


Some of your emails that you're copying may still be using the older 3rd generation editor (3GE). This is quickly made distinct by the big orange Continue button in the top-right corner. The current editor is the Cross Device / Platform Editor (CPE), which has the more consistent blue look the rest of the site has. 


The two editors will have some differences in capabilities. If you have emails you're regularly copying that are still using 3GE, I'd recommend either recreating them in the CPE (simply by creating an email), or using one of your known CPE-built templates for all of your emails going forward.


If you decide to recreate your 3GE template in CPE, as a general best practice I'd recommend looking into creating a reusable template (sometimes called a master template), that has all the bare, necessary info in it - logo, footer info, coloring defaults, basic layout, etc. - already set up. This way, you can easily copy from this direct source, and avoid the potential issues that can occur when too many generations of copying copied-copies occurs. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support