Email Address for Support - Complaint

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Email Address for Support - Complaint

Can someone please explain why we can't just have an email address to raise issues to?  I write up details on a problem I'm having with the service and have a suggestion on a product improvement to try and resolve it.  I contact chat and can't put the details in to the chat, can't escalate it.  Chat person says there is absolutely no email I can send into to give some details on the problem I'm having.  Godaddy do the same thing and it really is moving customer service down in terms of quality.


I was advised to call into the Account Review Team - 20 minutes on hold so far and even then I can't just send an email in.  All I want to be able to do is submit an email to a product manager showing the details of my problem.  If the suggestion is to use the community forum to try and resolve this, some details here might be confidential to a customer so I have to redact parts of the write up such as email addresses and website addresses in order to bring this up on a community forum.


Is there some way for this posting to be at least forwarded to a product manager / complaint process?  Replacing regular email ticketing with chat isn't helpful in a lot of cases when the customer wants to provide evidence like attachments, IP addresses, email headers etc.


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Hey @AlexH1974,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I apologize that we don't have email support for feedback and issues such as this. Both our Chat and Phone support team are able to troubleshoot any issue that arises and pass along feedback to our developers on your behalf! 


We also have a feedback button at the very bottom of all accounts that are monitored by our developers. You may not get a response from submitting your feedback there, but your feedback will definitely be tracked! 


If you would like to have your issue addressed, you can send our team an email with your username and a description of the issue! Social_Support(at)Constantcontact(dot)com Thank you for reaching out to us! 


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