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Unfortunately, spam got into our email database-- bad data in, bad data out... we have multiple contacts with the same email address but different names, which are obviously fake if you look at them... or that have used some version of or or some other way to get into our system... I am wondering if there is a fast way to find those multiple contacts with the same email address.. I have even located the date they were uploaded (6/4/2020)... 


One way I did it was, using segments, grab all the emails that have not been opened in a year, and then create a new list "not opened" but then it is a manual highlight, highlight delete... hoping there is a faster way (there are over 5000 names)...


A separate question does anyone know if it is "counted as opened" if an email is forwarded from an email address you have in contact and then it is forward to another as "opened" and say they click on it?




Hello. The way Constant Contact records an individual contact is by their email address so it should not be possible to have more than one of the same email address in the account. They may appear in multiple lists, but they should not be duplicated in the system. If this is happening, please send us your username at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com so we can take a look at what is going on. As for your question, if they do somehow have the same email address in your contacts multiple times, searching for that address should yield results for any and all duplicates. As for your question about opens, these stats are all based on who the email was originally sent to. So if you send an email to John and he forwards it to Steve and Steve opens the email, it's still going to be viewed as an open by John, not Steve.

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