Email Automation Series


Email Automation Series

Hi, I need more explanation on how the email automation series work. This is what I want to do:
- I want to send an initial email to a list of contacts
- I want to then send a follow-up automated email to those who opened but didn't click within the same list of contacts who received the initial email
- I want to also send a follow-up automated email to those who opened and clicked within the same list of contacts who received the initial email

Right now, it seems like I have to set up these two triggers separately. By setting it up separately, does it mean that the same list of contacts will get two of the same inital emails? Is there a way to capture "those who opened but didn't click" and "those who opened and clicked" with only one initial blast?

Thanks, everyone!



Hello @AmyR971 ,


It looks like you may have already spoken to our Chat support regarding this, but I also wanted to post here with some insight for the sake of visibility. 


To have automation based on opens, the system isn't set up to differentiate between contacts that open but don't click and contacts that open and click something. You'd essentially be double-sending to contacts. With that said, you can select the click trigger for your automation, based on the reporting for that initial email. That way contacts that open and click something are automatically sent to.


With that said, for the contacts that only open, you'd need to do it more manually. Essentially you'd have to set up two different lists for this purpose. Set up a list of the people who opened the email, and then a list of people who clicked in the email. Then you'd need to go into the clicked list, select everyone, then remove them from the opens list. From there you'd be able to send a regular email to that reduced opened list. 


For more general info on sending automation.


For automation tips and best practices.


The chat agent did get your feedback sent to the engineers, and I'll make sure the wording from this Community post is also communicated to them. If and when they have an update to the automation trigger options, they will notify you.



William D
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