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We at Fotokids are finding your templates do not reflecting our image- We have branded our template and now our legacy template is unavailable- We are a photography project for kids from poor areas of Guatemala and like to feature the childrens photos in a vertical fashion not side by side with text, I cannot find a template that allows us to have more than three images!  This doesn't work for us. Is there a way to add images? Please see our legacy emails that are now unavailable. 
After sifting through all your new templates they are too commercial looking, a bit too glitzy for our non-profit. Can you provide a solution?

Hello @EvelynM123 ,


You can have up to 5 images in a single row using the proper layout block. You're also welcome to build your own template from scratch, not use a pre-built one. 


I'd recommend taking a look at our Knowledge Base for its plethora of helpful articles to ease the transition to our current, mobile-friendly email builder. For starters, you may be interested in this article on transitioning between the two builders. The current builder’s emails can be copied.


If you'd like one-on-one guidance, our general support agents can work with you live on the phone to get started as well. You can also request to have your legacy template remade in the new editor by one of the professional designers, or to have an entirely new one created for a price. If you’re unable to call in, you can also submit a form directly to our designers to have a template converted.

William A
Community & Social Media Support

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