Email Displaying Incorrectly on Cell Phones


Email Displaying Incorrectly on Cell Phones

We are having a problem with how one of our templates displays on cell phones. We use two templates for our emails. They both have identical headers and top bars. One shows up perfectly on cell phones, with perfect proportions so you can see it fully on your cell the same way you can see it on your computer. The other template's display looks squished on a cell phone and everything is shoved over into the middle. It displays completely differently on a cell phone than it does on a computer (where it looks normal). The one that displays perfectly is an old template that we have been using for a while. The messed up one is a brand new one that I created to look exactly like the first one but that is used for different types of messages. Did I miss something on the second one that causes it to display differently maybe?

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We're having the same issue. My discoveries show that it might be possibly related with the ios10 update on the iphone mail app and constant contact is not working nicely together.


I tried the same responsive HTML template with and it's fully responsive. Why hasn't constant contact address this post in over a few days either? 




Hello @PTARepresentative,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. 


My initial impression is the newer template is mobile responsive and is adjusting to the phone format whereas the old one is not.


If you could e-mail us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and examples of your older template and the newer template we can test to see if this is what is going on.


Additionally, if you could share what e-mail client (Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc.) and type of cell phone (Apple, Android) you are testing the two templates on so we can try to replicate the issue. 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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