Email Editing


Email Editing

I am trying to indent a paragraph of text from both margins.  I can't figure out how.  I have tried 3 columns and deleted the image/text on the outside columns but can't get the margins small enough. 




and then changing the background color to match the rest of your email.



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Hi Paul - As a huge fan of the 2nd gen editor I feel your pain - I have been told they are working on an indent feature but  I needed a solution a year ago.   Now that the 2nd gen editor has been disabled I am having to find ways to do "things" to make my campaigns look the way I want.

I have worked out a work around for the problem you have which gives me the flexibility I want and while a bit laborious it gives me the flexibility to put text exactly where I want it.  I tried using spaces but the software eliminates multiple spaces at the side margins so when you save ... they are gone.  Here is what to do to defeat the software.

I type multiple periods (full stops to the English audience)  to push the content "in" 

so If I had this


and actually wanted this 


They I would type


Then select all the periods ...... and make them the font colour the same colour as the background.  

They disappear from view but if you select the entire line you can see them.

Most importantly when you send the campaign the reader sees your text where you want it.


Now one caution - if a reader selects the text to copy it  - they will see the periods.

If the email is simply forwarded to another person they may see the periods as the formatting gets messed up when a campaign is forwarded.  But I do not care about that aspect.


Is it a pain in the backside? - yes

If you copy old campaigns and change font colours then - yes you will have to go through the process again line by line and match the font colour of the periods to the background colour.


But it does work and is a "work around".

You can use any character for the "invisible" space. I have used dashes but went to the period.


Hope this helps



This is a neat workaround for a desktop version, but the spacing changes for the mobile view...

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Needing to indent from both sides is one of my major problems. When I read the two column solution above, I got terribly lost. But your solution, James, is one I will try. Yes, it will be time consuming, but I think it will be worth it until CC comes up with a better solution. Thanks!!