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Email Errors #26969688


Email Errors #26969688

LifeStyleRx Case # 26969688 We sent an email to our membership and we had about 50% open rate and it was important that our members viewed this email. I looked at ways of re sending the email to contacts who had not opened the email. I followed the video tutorial and re send FAQ instructions on how to do this. I generated the report as instructed and created a new list and named it August resend. I then clicked send for that list. We quickly had feedback from our membership from those who had previously received and opened the email. This has caused mass confusion as they think this is new information, and it is the same email. The email was specifically only sent to this new list and the prompts clearly stated it would just go to this list - of 1763. However, it has sent to many people who had opened it and we think many more than the 1763 listed and possibly all our contacts. We immediately called constant contact to see if there is anything that can be do. We were helped by Joe Planz, however little actual ability to help. We are now facing a barrage of calls from upset and confused members . Please can you explain what happened to prevent this repeating, and what you can do to help rectify the situation. Please respond to Sam Reid at sreid@stanfordhealthcare.org Thank you.

Hello @Amy_75 ,


I'd recommend collecting additional evidence from the affected contacts (for example: screenshots of the same, exact email showing up in their inbox multiple times), then calling back into our Deliverability team with that. Deliverability will be far better equipped to look into the issue, and determine if a glitched sendout actually occurred. Those screenshots can help them better determine which contacts were actually affected, and where the issue might have occurred. 


Similarly to the Deliverability agent you spoke with today, without some of these contacts explicitly providing screenshots of them receiving the email multiple times, or something to that effect, everything on our end is only showing these emails as being sent once. If a contact was on the Did Not Open List, then that means they didn't open the email - either because they didn't see it / get to it the first time, or because they deleted it outright without looking at it. 

The only way a contact could still report as "Did Not Open," and have technically opened the email, is if their email client blocked our tracking from triggering. Even still, the example provided to our Deliverability agent only shows that the contact received both the earlier version and the re-sent version, but only opened the latest one several times, minutes apart - according to their engagement reporting.

If you have several contacts complaining about receiving the new email when they claim to have opened the old one, then you'll want to ask them if their email clients block images and links from populating / showing by default. If that's the case for any of them, implore to them that they need to make sure those are allowed for your emails, otherwise it can negatively affect your ability to communicate with them.

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