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I need some help all I want to do is to have someone enter their email address on my website and for an automated email to be sent to them straight away with an attached PDF


I have installed the Constant Contact Lightbox on my website and have also setup and created an email with my email address and the attachment etc, in Constant Contact, when I test it in Contact Template by entering an email address all is good the email comes through with the attached PDF

The issue is that when I complete it and save all that happens when someone enters their email address on to my website is that their details are saved to my contact list in Constant Contact but the email does not automatically send, I have to use the contact list to then send out my email as you would with a campaign.

It looks like that I may have to upgrade my package to automate the process using the trigger of when a user is added to the contact list ???


What am I missing ???


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Hello @user051793 ,


You'd need to setup your email as a welcome email automation (available to trigger off of sign up form additions specifically), which is available on the Core and Plus plans. Otherwise, you can utilize a standard List-Join automation series to execute the same function, which is available on the Plus plan. Make sure to check out our main Plans and Pricing page, available in your account as well as on our main homepage.


Automation in general is not available to activate on the free 60-day trial.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks I have gone with option 1, I thought that just by adding the Lightbox is that all I needed, to good to be true !!! thanks