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Email campaigns keep disappearing after saving them


Email campaigns keep disappearing after saving them

Every email campaign I've made so far on the constant contact redesign, I've had to create twice because the first campaign keeps disappearing. I thought it was because it was I was copying it from a previous campaign, so I created a new campaign, and that disappeared right after I saved the campaign and returned to the home screen! What is going on? Is there a way prevent this from happening?

Hello @BenG007 , 


I took a look at your account and can see there was an issue with some campaigns not saving for you.  This is an issue that we are currently investigating and working to resolve.  I have tracked this in your account so that we know you were affected by this issue.  If you would like, we can put in a request for you to be notified when this is resolved; you can reply to this post requesting the notification if wanted.  (The notification would go to the contact email listed on your account.)


In the meantime, if you see this happen again you can contact support and we can attempt to get the email back into your account for you.  Contacting support by phone or chat will be best if you need the email immediately, otherwise you can post here in the Community.