Email contacts on lists


Email contacts on lists

We have a newsletter list with 2567 contacts in it, but when we send the email out, our stats say only 775 were sent. Why does the newsletter not go to everyone in the contact list specified?


Hi @LeanneMAW


Thanks for bringing your question to the community. I've taken a look at your account, and I see that there are a lot of members of that list with a status of Awaiting Confirmation. Your account currently has Confirmed Opt-In turned on, which means that anyone who signs up for your newsletter must first confirm their interest by clicking a link in an email we send to them. Further, the names and email addresses of the contacts in Awaiting Confirmation seem to be indicative of a bot attack. It looks like a lot of invalid Russian emails were added to your account via your Embedded Join My List Form. Since those emails are invalid, they did not confirm their subscription, and were not sent your most recent email.


The fact that the contacts are still showing on your Newsletter list, and are giving incorrect expectations about the total number of contacts that should receive the email looks to be related to a system issue we're tracking. I've gone ahead and set your account to be notified once this issue has been resolved. In the meantime, I've isolated all of these invalid contacts on your account in a tag called Temp Hold and Awaiting Confirmation. I recommend deleting these contacts to avoid further confusion.


Nate M. 
Community Support

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