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Email list permissions?


Email list permissions?

I am brand new to Constant Contact, and I'm trying to figure out how to do what I want to do. I want to promote my new memoir to a few hundred people who have a built-in interest in the its theme. I have all the email addresses and names from the organizations we all belong to, and I just want to be able to send an email notifying everyone that the book is now available on Amazon and elsewhere. But I understand I can't do that without each person's expressed permission. How do I get those permissions without sending out an email to each asking for permission, which would be illegal, I guess? So, how do I set up a list without existing permissions that is legal to email to? Thanks.




Welcome to Constant Contact and the Community! I am so glad you asked about growing your list appropriately because we have a lot of options to help you with that process. 


To start, take at look at this article for tips to grow your contact list appropriately. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. 


Hope this helps!



Alex S.
Community & Social Media Support

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