Emailer issue


Emailer issue

Dear Sir/Madam we have purchased the monthly package of constant contact. today we shoot 1st emailer to client but as we see not a single person opened the file and we received client reply on our personal ID as they can not view the image. we are uploading a single image to the emailer and then it is forwarded to client. kindly resolve our issue ASAP.

Hi @DeepaC5 


I'm happy to help you with your questions!


First, I took a look at your email that you sent out on the 15th and I see that you have had some opens register now. I also see that you did email into our Support Team who reached back out to you with some great points that I'm also going to share here.


When sending an email, it is best to include both text and images. If you send out just an image, that more than likely will cause your email to be filtered into the junk/spam inbox as that is a tactic that many spammers use. If a user is unable to see the image(s), that is a setting within their email client (Gmail, MSN, etc). You can send them these instructions to set up their email client to allow images to be viewed upon opening the email campaign you send. 


I hope that helps answer your questions!


I just sent a test email and none of my photos are showing up. Please let me know how to remedy this.

Many email clients have images disabled by default.  The reader has to enable them by selecting some option in the email and that varies from client to client. 


What email client are you trying to view your piece in?