Emails Not Sending From A Specific Domain

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I'm trying to send an email from our domain, but my test emails aren't sending nor are the actual emails I've sent through. When I select emails with different domain names for my "from" email, I can successfully send.


What am I missing? Is there some kind of firewall or filter with my domain that isn't allowing me to use it as a "from" email for my campaigns?

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Hello @JonelleA13 ,


There's likely a security element on your receiving end that's preventing the one address from being able to be received. For example, if you're sending the test to the same address, it can cause some security algorithms to go into overdrive, since the email isn't actually coming from that address, it's coming from us.


Generally this can be resolved by making sure your address and our domains are safelisted between your networks security and your email program. When you do start sending live to your contacts, I'd advise making sure your account has self-authentication setup.


I'd advise checking your spam/junk folder or other inbox folders to see if your system filtered them there. Otherwise, I'd advise speaking with our Delivery team for further assistance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support