Emails are not going thru properly

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Emails are not going thru properly

Every email that I sent through comes through with place Mark pictures. The photos are not showing up in any of the emails. I just got off the phone with one of your representatives, she said that once I click on the download pictures that the next time I get an email it will come through with the pictures. I've tried this 10 times and not once has it come through with the photos visible. I don't want to send out emails that don't look professional. This is the only email that I get that does not show the photographs it just shows the place cards.
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Re: Emails are not going thru properly

Hello @CatLarson


I am sorry that the images are not loading for you. It sounds like it could be that some image files are blocked within your browser.  If you go through the steps in this FAQ it should help.  Please note if you use Outlook as your email client, then these steps would need to be completed within Internet Explorer.  

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