Emails are not showing in Gmail, but can be searched for...


Emails are not showing in Gmail, but can be searched for...

Hey guys, 


So I have received some feedback from a few of my email recipients. I send emails regularly to class participants with their materials, so these individuals are actively looking for my emails. Many of my Gmail recipients are not receiving these emails. The emails are not present in any of their inbox tabs, but they can search my key term and pull them up that way (when they do, they are not marked spam but just 'inbox'). I am wondering if anyone has come across this, and how I might resolve this issue. 








Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Emails sent through Constant Contact often end up in Gmail's promotions tab but there are a few things you can ask your recipients to do that will help your emails reach the prefered inbox. 


  1. Ask them to add your from email address to their address book. This helps gmail recognize you as a known sender and can help get your emails delivered to their primary tab. 
  2. Ask them to check their inbox settings. There are a few inbox types to select from, and well as the option to turn off/on the Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums tabs.
  3. Ask them to Check their filters to see if they have a rule set up that is automatically sending emails from you into a folder.
  4. Ask for a screenshot of their inbox before they do the search, after they do the search, and once the email is open. This may provide some insight as to where the emails are landing in their inbox. 

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