Emails not showing correctly for clients using the Gmail App on iPhone


Emails not showing correctly for clients using the Gmail App on iPhone

Please see below screenshots. Some of our customers are reporting they cannot see the email correctly when viewed on their iphone Gmail apps.




Hello @FrippIsland ,


It looks like you've run into a weird glitch where, because your email had the organization's address in the body of the email, it caused the email to be weirdly skinny in the Gmail iPhone app. This issue doesn't occur with other addresses, only the physical address that is the exact same as the organization address in your Settings.


With that said, the easiest workarounds for the issue is to either a) remove the address entirely from a text body of your email, and/or b) insert a screencap of the address setup instead. You can see this done in the CSC_TEST version of your campaign I made, and I tested it in my iPhone Gmail app to ensure that the screencap method would work.


I've submitted this case to the engineers for further review, along with the information I gathered, as well as your screencaps. If and when they have an update regarding this issue, they'll make sure to notify you. At this time, we don't have an ETA on a fix.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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