Why did you add extra windows???? Why??? It was perfect before. I don't understand. Been with you for several years and you have tweaked the system several times and got it perfect,so i thought. But this time it over-kill. If i unscheduled a letter, it takes me to another window (that i have used many time and know very well), then unscheduled there also. But why do i have to through several windows???????? Your killing us!!!
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They call this the "enhanced experience".


Depends on what your definition of enhanced is I guess.



It's usually much slower and the UI requires many more steps from the older system.  


It wasn't obvious they asked for any customer input prior to the change and they aren't getting much if any positive feedback on it from what I've seen in the community postings.  Looks like they laid an egg .


I'm getting used to it, but not the speed of loading 6 or more pages from different places to fill up the home page.  


The latest generation editor is a complete loser from its previous version. Its so dumbed down its pathetic.







Hello @RandyV45


Thank you for your feedback. To unschedule a campaign you will need to click on the Campaigns tab, then click on the Actions button and select unscheduled. That will take you to the schedule page and then you have to click on Actions again and unschedule. I can see how this is a redundant step. I have provided your feedback to our engineers on your behalf.


We are always interested to hear how each of our customers use the product in their own environment. I'm going to add this into our feedback system where we share thoughts from our customers. We use this to prioritize and add future product upgrades.

Anna Davila
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