End of sentence period is rolling over to next line

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The last two campaign emails that I've sent have separated an end of sentence period and rolled it over to the next line. E.g.:

"better than expected. The annualized inflation rate came in at 7.7% vs. expectations of 7.9%

. This is down from 8.2% in September, so a big change in the right direction. Stocks are up"

How can I keep the period with the sentence it is ending? Thank you!

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Hello @DavidL486 ,


I'm not able to recreate your described issue when I test send the emails to myself. Is the issue occurring in a specific email program / app or device type? Or is it occurring on multiple devices, apps, and email programs? For the affected programs, do you have any settings affecting how wide the email will display, text spacing justification, or how line breaks are handled?

William A
Community & Social Media Support